Louisechelleblog is a Cavite, Philippines based blog which is open to both national and international collaborations or sponsorship.

Product/Service Reviews

I'm open for product or service reviews related to my personal interests. I would require companies to send me a sample product that I will use in a month's time to fully give an honest review. I do not give out product/service reviews I haven't tried myself.

I'm also open for product returns however, companies should be the one shouldering the shipment back to their preferred address.

We can talk further about it via email: misslouisechelle[at]

Event Invitations/Collaboration/Sponsorship

Same as the above, I'm also open for event invitations or sponsorship/collaboration. If you have an upcoming event (workshop, fun run, seminar, bazaar, etc) feel free to contact me.

I prefer to attend events/collaborations within Cavite, Batangas, Laguna and Manila area. My attendance to the events are still to be confirmed especially for locations outside Cavite area.

Reach me through my email address (misslouisechelle[at] for further details.

Press Releases

I accept press release articles for free. However, please be reminded that I reserve the right to reject those not in the scope of my or my reader's interest and those that require asap posting. Please send the document/s and the necessary photos directly in my email address: misslouisechelle[at]


I also accept paid ads which will be placed on the homepage and sidebar of my blog. A paid ad will have a simple blog post just basically telling my readers what the company/product is about and their contact/social media links. All materials will be provided by the company.

To know my rates, download here.

Important Reminders

I reserve the right to refuse products, services, or invitations I do not feel connected with or do not relate to my blog.

I cannot assure you that my posts (esp the paid ads) will bring big leads to your company but I assure you that I will do all I can to promote your product to my followers, friends and blog readers.

Blog Interests and Stats

This is a lifestyle blog and I often talk about my experiences, discoveries and attained knowledge. I love to write reviews about:
  • Food and Beverage
  • Events like fashion/shopping, concerts or even those events for a cause/advocacy
  • Products/Services especially those with a cause
  • Travel related like hotel accommodations, air fares or airline experience and even travel must have items
  • Book and Movie reviews

Though this blog doesn't have much followers, I assure you that I will do my best to promote your company.

Follow/Like counts

As of May 29, 2015...
Google+: 52 followers
Bloglovin': 17 followers
Facebook page: 152 likes
Personal Account: 1,991 friends
Twitter: 309
Instagram: 648 (personal) & 716 (public/blog)

As of October 4, 2015...
Google+: 177 followers with 689,878 views
Bloglovin': 32 followers
Facebook page: 435 likes
Personal Account: 2,062 friends
Twitter: 722 followers
Instagram: 920 (public/blog)

Page Views/Reach

Blogger, as of May 29, 2015: 51,137 (total) | 4,289 (monthly)
Blogger, as of October 4, 2015: 114,350 (total) | 15,225 (monthly)

Blogger Groups

I have joined several blogger groups in Facebook and I always join the comment exchange and other threads to promote my posts.

-------- Contact Details --------

E-mail: misslouisechelle[at]


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