Open Letter to Louise Delos Reyes

Isn't it funny how people, when criticized because of their actions, automatically thinks that they are being hated because they are famous? Please. Scrap that mindset and open your mind to the point. I'm only posting this just for everyone to get the idea because it's pretty annoying at how you're being hated by fuckin' fantards who don't even know the entire story.

Let's make this clear and straight, once and for all.

The Story

A friend of mine told us that someone from IG stole her photo. It came to our surprise that she was an actress. It was unbelievable because they should know better, right? But no.
We commented on her photo to catch her attention since she was not replying to Yna's private message. It came to our surprise that after commenting on this particular photo, she was able to post a new photo (this time, it was her own) but ignored our comments. So that's where we commented instead.

After a while, she posted another photo. She continuously ignored us and so, I personally commented on her side view photo to call her attention again and finally, we did! It was after a few minutes that I got her reply in the other photo (new balance shoes). 

I wasn't able to screen shot everything because I had so many notifications coming in and I was replying to her comments to explain our side. Just when everything was all good, she started to delete off our conversations and left her replies making it seem like we were just bashing on her. She also began to block us off. So how will we be able to view everything and defend ourselves?

As far as I can remember, my comment in the above photo was about her grabbing or stealing my friend's photo without crediting or at least apologizing to the owner which is a fact and not just some random thing that I accuse her of. And as mentioned above, it was after a few minutes later that I saw her comment on the other photo (new balance shoes) so I replied to this particular thread (side view) and said (not my exact words, but this is the thought) "Ay pasensya na, hindi ka kase agad nagrereply sa comments namin. Nakita ko na yung comment mo dun sa isa. Okay na." (Oh, sorry, you didn't reply to our comments earlier, that's why. I saw your comment on the other photo. All good.)

That's why she said that, (see photo above) she had other things to do. Everything was all good on our end but she started to delete the messages and left her replies. Again, for what? To make us seem like we're just hating on her? Oh come on! Isn't she better than this?

Her other fans or even just followers will never know the entire story because our conversations were immediately deleted and our side will never be heard because we were blocked. This is why I posted this for everyone at least hear our side.

Letter to the #fantards

You can hate me or our friends all you want but the fact remains: The actress you idolize stole someone else's intellectual property. Don't just say that we hate her and bash her. In the beginning, we hated her actions, nothing personal. But I admit, when she started to delete the conversations and left only the ones that give her sympathy to make us look bad + block us off, well, that's really irritating which made me be disgusted.

Don't say "its just a photo". Because it is not. It's an intellectual property which I believe, those fucking fantards don't know of. Being users of Instagram, y'all should know what the terms are. And in case you're not aware, let me walk you through it:

Feel free to click on the photos to take you to the Instagram site where I got it. Read and learn. Make use of your eyes to read, your brain to learn, and use your smartphones in the right way. Know the story before you open your mouth or before you type shit.

While here's my open letter to Louise Delos Reyes...

Hey! I saw your private apology to my friend and I guess, it's all good between the two of you. I'm not asking any apology from you but I just want you to know how disgusted I am with the way you (or your management) deals with this issue. Since I cannot ask you directly, I'm going to ask you now. Why would you keep your replies and delete our conversations? What for? To earn sympathy? To make us look like we're just bashing on you? If this is a part of your publicity, well, girl, it's a terrible one.

I'm not gonna ask you to remove your replies with my Instagram username tagged on it because it actually directs them to my account and will eventually end up reading this blog. It would help them understand the story more. For that, thanks in advance!

Hate is such a heavy word to use. Geez girl, we only called your attention, for Pete's sake! How would that be considered hatred? You were criticized by your actions and not because you're an actress. Don't flatter yourself because frankly, I (or even my friends) don't even know you or any of your shows. We don't even remember seeing you on TV so if you think we're just hating on you just because you're an artista and that you're famous, then sorry to break it to you darling, but you're wrong.

I do hope you've learned your lesson in photo grabbing and not giving credits. I hope you can also revisit the terms of the sites you use to remind you there are rules and conditions you have to abide from. Intellectual property infringement and/or plagiarism is a legal matter and it's not just something simple. Learn to give credit to whom credit is due. That's all.


She have said her piece and I've said mine.
Hope everything's clear.



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