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        Guess what I did today? If you guessed I went thrift shopping then you're right! Hehe. I just can't resist especially during my free time!

        I bought these items today from FLEX Clothing down town. They have new arrivals since yesterday I think. But when I was paying, new bails came in so I guess there would be more tomorrow but I'm already broke. Pfft.

        I bought these bottoms. Actually, the aztec and the stripped are a small size. I think it's a kid's size. If it doesn't fit my cousin and my goddaughter, I might just sell it. But the floral I will defintely keep! (Sucker for florals right here!)

        I also found these two items. Oh why am I always lucky finding maroon/red skinny pants! Hehe. The top is actually a neon colored stripped and I really don't know where I'd wear it. If I don't wear it, I might just sell it too.

        Honestly, if only Kath of @hotstuffmnl was here, I'm sure we'd be enjoying the thrift shops!
        Are you a thrift shopper too? Tell me about your experience and finds! Simply comment below.

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