Franchise Expo 2013

Last Friday, my friend and I went to the Franchise Expo held in the ground floor of the SMX in Mall of Asia.

If you will attend the next expo, you will either pay 100 pesos for the entrance fee or get a free pass by just presenting your BPI card. It's sometimes easier to go there around lunch or after lunch because when you try to be there early, you might have to go through the long lines of the registration.
Just like the past years, when you walk in, you will quickly see the booths for 7-Eleven, Max's and Goldilocks. They are often placed in the entrance area of the expo. But unlike last year, there are more bigger booths than those mini stalls. One more thing I noticed is that, there are more known brands or companies in the expo than those that are just starting to franchise. I was personally expecting to see more of the latter because as we all know, known companies or brands oftentimes have bigger investments needed than those that are small and just starting.

Fashion Bulletin: Vintage Collection

In a few minutes time, I will be posting my online shop's vintage collection. It consists of cardigans, vests, a dress, and some blouse. This is just a trial so it's just about 10 items.

You're probably wondering why I said that this was a trial. I remember back then when I started my online shop as Baul ni Lola, I was offering  vintage things like accessories and apparels but somehow, it didn't click. So for now, I will see how this collection goes. And if it goes well, then I'll probably purchase more of the vintage things. I'm really a vintage lover; you have no idea how I go gaga with vintage stuff. Hehe.

Blackberry Services down. Please be advised...

Watch Warm Bodies


Last night, I was able to watch Warm Bodies and it is now included in my FAVORITE and MUST-WATCH movies list. Hehe.

I thought it would be a little boring but I was wrong because in the beginning of the movie, Iwas already laughing. Nicholas Hoult's acting was amazing! It really looked natural and his character as a zombie... wait, let me correct that... as an unusual zombie was very funny!

First time to WIN a GIVEAWAY! YEY!

        I truly can't believe I have won this giveaway from Horses of Ares and everyone else who were part of the giveaway! This is the first time I will win a blog giveaway and I'm just really overwhelmed.

        I just saw the blog giveaway from Mary's blog page when I was checking her new posts. I just tried... like what I usually do with the other blog giveaways I come across to. I really didn't expect to win!

        The other afternoon, from work, I got an email from the blogger herself Ms. Adriana Madrigal and told me I won! These were my prizes:
        Could you believe this? I WON! I effin' won! YAHOOOOOO!

        I just really would like to thank Mary for posting that giveaway and I must give appreciation to the bloggers that came up with this kind of giveaway. At least, we are getting to know more bloggers.

        Again, to all of you, thank you so much!

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I finally got my Globe GCASH card! Yey!

        Earlier this afternoon, when I got home, my uncle handed me this LBC document package from Globe. I already had a feeling it was my Globe GCASH Card.
        And I was right! I was very excited that it took me about 10 minutes laughing and jumping around our living area before I actually opened the envelop. --medyo mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan ko--

Been busy with...

        Hollah! So I have been away from blogger because of many reasons; one of which is my online shop.
        I had been an online seller since 2009. I first started selling vintage necklaces from a supplier I met in After a while, when my mother allowed me to go to Divisoria, I found that the necklaces my supplier was selling were a lot more cheaper there so I started buying from there ever since.
        I'm a compulsive buyer. When I see things and vision it would sell or that I like it, I would risk my allowance just to buy it. So I had a lot of stocks of garments, accessories and coin purses because of that buying behavior.

Entrepreneur July 2013

Thanks again to Booksale Bookstore for having the current issue of one of my favorite magazines - Entrepreneur.

I knew about Entrepreneur magazine through my mom. When I was in high school, and when I'm here in the Philippines, she would tell me to buy her the current and past issues of Entrepreneur. I got curious why my mother likes reading it so after reading one of the issues I bought for her, I understood why she always wanted to have one. Then I myself became a regular reader of the magazine too.

Just like what I did for Candy Magazine (see post here), I will also put the articles I like in their July issue.

Kenny Rogers Favorites!

Last night, after I watched Four Sisters and a Wedding, I decided to have my dinner in the mall; I chose Kenny Rogers. Since I have cold, I couldn't taste much and so I just ordered the Grilled Fish (Basa) with a side dish of Corn and Carrots. I also ordered a Chicken Soup Noodle.


Four Sisters and a Wedding Movie Review

Shameful to admit but I was never a fan of Pinoy movies because it's either predictable or corny. But when I saw this trailer in ABS-CBN, it really caught my attention.

My Lola Lourdes...

I have grown up with my Lola Lourdes. She's the strict one. She never allows me to play outside with other kids because she's afraid I might have wounds or injuries since I was a clumsy kid. She spoiled me with all the toys I wanted and almost all the things I ask for when I was a child. She did this to keep me at home. She always wanted what's best for me.

First of July.

Every first day of July, I feel terribly sad because I remember two of my grand mothers who both died this month - first week and last week of July.

But that's just how life is. People come and go. Things end and eventually new things begin. We just gotta accept it and move forward with our lives.

It wasn't easy to loose the people we love the most but as time moves by, we learn to accept reality. We begin to mature on how we see things. We start to count on what we have than what we have lost.
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