141 Prinza Cafe, General Trias Cavite

Today, I was able to visit 141 Prinza Cafe because I had to go to our Municipal Hall to do some errands. Before I speak about this cafe, let me just say how satisfied I am with processing and overall service of the General Trias Munisipyo. From requests to payments, everything was well-organized. Keep up the good work you guys!

Now, back to the cafe. We always pass this cafe when we go to Manila. At night, I usually see it filled with people so I was curious to try them out. It was only today that I had the chance.

Our Dining Experience in Kuya J's Restaurant

Today is a special day for my family because it is my mother's birthday. I thought I won't be able to join her and dad in their dinner tonight because I wasn't feeling well since last week. Luckily, I was feeling better this afternoon, good enough to travel to SM Dasma for a dinner.

When we asked Mom where she wanted to eat, she can't seem to decide. We've eaten to most of the restaurants in that mall except for Kuya J's so we decided to eat there. Problem solved.

We checked the menu placed outside. Like we always do, we chose which meals to order first before entering the restaurant just so we can order quickly after being seated. I had my choices and so does my parents. Our minds were set for the meals. We we're excited as it was our first time to eat there. But the excitement did not last long.

Cutesy & Instagram Worthy Cafe in GenTri

One of the perks of having a car is getting to drive pass and discover newly opened restaurants and/or new attractions to visit next time. And that's exactly how we discovered this recently opened picture perfect cafe / refreshment shop in General Trias. Because it is located along the main road and because of its attracting interiors, there's a greater chance you will not miss this place.

FIDA Sewing and Arts School

As early as elementary, I was already into arts and crafts. But it was only back in college when I discovered my passion for fashion. I wasn't a fashionista before college. Yes, I do wear what's trendy but that was it. I don't worry about how I look; I was comfortable with jeans and branded shirts. When I started college and met students who dress well in class, I felt I needed to fit in. I bought magazines to check what's trendy, how to mix match dresses and well, visit the thrift shops (more known as ukay-ukay). And that's when my fashion interest kicked in.

I was an impulsive buyer. I bought any fashion garment I find beautiful even if I don't really have to wear it. Because of this behavior, my room was filled with garments I don't even wear. So I decided to sell them. That was the birth of my online shop.

After a while, I felt I needed to know more about fashion and the industry as a whole. I searched online for fashion schools and enrolled myself in one for a certificate fashion marketing course. It was the closest and the most convenient fashion school for me during that time. I remember wishing for a fashion school located within Calabarzon. Well, that wish was granted this year, around May when FIDA Sewing and Arts School officially opened its business in Silang Cavite.

Food Bazaar sa South

Bazaars has been an in thing for years now. I guess, consumers are more fond of buying bargain products than branded items nowadays. This is also why more and more online shops are being established and are using bazaars are their store fronts occasionally.

Aside from apparel and home & living products, numerous of food bazaars are also put up to cater not only for the regular consumers but most especially to the graveyard shift call center agents. Most of these bazaars are found in Metro Manila, and near the call center buildings. The nearest food bazaar in Cavite would be the ones in Alabang area.

But recently, a food bazaar was finally put up in Cavite, in a newly opened Starmall, near SM Molino. I was not able to visit the bazaar due to busy schedule. Months passed and it saddened me they no longer serve in Molino. Then after a few more weeks, I saw from my newsfeed they moved to Brentville. Though it was much farther from home, I took the chance to try them out.

Newest Bus Seat Booking in the Philippines

Public transportation is one of the important services in any country. Transportation not only brings a human being to their destination; deeper than that, transporation helps people achieve their goals or dreams, it brings people closer to opportunities and loved ones. It also makes people discover new things especially places. Without public transporation, both citizens and tourists will find it hard to move from one place to another.

Unlike Singapore which has an amazing public transporation system, Philippines has a terrible one. Commuters find it hard to take any public transporation. You can clearly see what I'm talking about during rush hour. The trains and buses are always packed. The traffic makes it a lot worst.

During special occasions especially during long weekend holidays, most of the bus terminals are packed! And the most annoying thing you could experience in a bus terminal is being in a long queu for hours and will later on find out, all bus tickets are sold. Yup, you stood there for nothing. You will be rescheduled for the next day or the next trip.

Look Fab on your Selfies with Free Makeup

When I was younger, aside from playing ball games and gameboy, I also played with Barbie dolls. My grandmother spoiled me with almost any doll - from Barbie down to Kelly. I remember dressing up Barbie and even putting makeup on her face. Yes. Heard it right, I put makeup on Barbie using colorful mini markers. I usually change her lipstick, put eyeliner and eyeshadow. I always have a facial astringent and a cotton ball with me to erase it after a few minutes.

Contrary to my enjoyment in putting makeup on Barbie, I was too lazy to put anything on my face when I grew older. Those who knows me know I don't put heavy makeup on. I usually just use loose powder and lipstick. Yup, that's about it. I'm really not the kikay kind.

Why I'm Loving CBTL

It was only recently that I began having coffee at CBTL. Thanks to Belle de Jour for pushing me to finally try them out. Before seeing the wonderful coupons that came with the planner, I have been wanting to try them out. Other bloggers  have been posting about CBTL which really caught my interest. However, because there's no CBTL near me, I couldn't find the right timing to try them out when I'm in Manila. But when I stayed in Fairview for a couple of days for a store opening event, I got to finally check them out.
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