Italy vs. United Kingdom

If you're following me on Facebook, you'll know that I was at Mall of Asia early yesterday for the #MOAPyro2016. I wanted to secure a good spot to take photos. I was excited to see United Kingdom's entry as they are one of the countries that are always on the top 3 winners. I was not wrong. It was worth the time, effort and money! Italy's performance this year was surprising too! It was better than last year's entry, though I think it's a different group or team.

Allow me to share with you some of my shots from last night's show.

ITALY (Parente Fireworks)

UNITED KINGDOM (Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd.)


Last night's performances were big and in sync. Both Italy and UK had big firework coverage and were very colorful and bright. Italy performance was beautiful as it actually had that mystical feel to it. However, in my opinion, UK's display stood out more because of these factors:

                 1. Their music had complimenting melodies.
                 2. Their fireworks did not just go up, it was also dancing from left to right.
                 3. Great mixture of firework design

You may visit my Facebook page for more photos of last night's show.


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