Timex Watches: Ideal for Gift Giving

I really didn't have a plan to purchase another wrist watch. But when my mom and I were looking for a Christmas gift, another watch caught my attention especially that it had a sale tag on it.

Before I go on discussing the watches we saw, I just would like to share my thoughts about giving a wrist watch as a Christmas gift. I really find it ideal especially for teens as it will help them learn how to manage their time wisely. It can be costly than buying a bag or an affordable shoe, but because it's an product not an easily bought, it makes it a great gift item.

Forget buying cheap wrist watches! Learn from my story here. Invest in a good watch and witness it last for years. You can even pass it on to your siblings if you've grown tired of its style. The best brand to go to for affordable stylish and excellent quality watches would be from Timex.

What caught my attention was this white wrist watch which had a yellow tag (sale) on it. I immediately asked the salesperson if we can see the watch closer. We initially wanted to give it as a gift to my cousin however, after trying it on, I felt that I wanted it for myself instead. Haha! We ended up buying it for myself and finding a new one for my cousin. Mom decided to buy the same style but purple in color.


Each of this watch only costed for about less than Php2,000 (US$43). It's much affordable than buying other known brands which costs around Php5,000+ (US$106+).

These are Timex "Marathon" watches which are very ideal as gifts because it's very casual - can be worn with any outfit. Great for those who love sports too!

So, will you buy this for someone you love? Tell us why! :)


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