Maybelline's Crazy Sale: Rebel Bouquet by COLORSensational

Before I saw the TVC about Maybelline's Nationwide Crazy Sale, I already knew about it when we visited a Watson's branch in SM Calamba. Indeed, a lot of products are on sale and some are really almost 50% off! The said sale will be until December 31, 2015.

I bought this Rebel Bouquet by COLORSensational for just Php250 or roughly about US$5.30. The shade I chose was REB01 because I no longer have a red lipstick. I initially wanted a matte lipstick but because their matte for that store was sold out, I decided to settle with this one.

Unlike the other lipsticks I had before, when I opened the packaging, it didn't have that typical lipstick smell which I like. My only concern of the packaging was that the lid of the lipstick was actually loose.

It was very easy to apply. This shade is very red so I only just apply it on my lower lip and press lips together to even out the color. Maybe to some, this is a pet peeve, but for me, it's fine: You have to re-apply whenever you drink something.

So far, I'm loving this lipstick. I just don't have closer photo but you can check how it looks close-up and even the other shades from Krissy's post. :)

Aside from this lipstick, there are a lot more of great Maybelline products on sale! These are great gift items for the holidays! Don't forget to check Maybelline's Facebook page ( for more updates!


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