Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 3

I have been addicted to this Asia's/America's Next Top Model shows! I'm such a frustrated model! Haha! Kidding aside, it is this cycle of Asia's Next Top Model that I've been more connected with. Probably because two of our own pride, Joey Mead-King & Georgina Wilson, are judges/mentors plus we (Philippines) has three (3) contestants namely Monica, Amanda & Franchesca.

I've been hooked since they started airing in Star World Asia every Wednesday, at 8:45 PM. As of writing, they are on their 9th episode (airing tonight), 20th of May.

You can check Wikipedia for the complete summary of each episode but allow me to share the photo shoots of every episode here:

Warning: Full of Photos
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Episode 1

On their first shoot, they were doing a swimwear photo shoot which required them to feel confident about their bodies and themselves as a whole without being too seductive sexy. They should be able to catch women's interest and lead them to wanting the swimwear they are wearing.

Best Photo

Episode 2

The second photo shoot required them to pose as Korean pop singers. They are assigned different themes and were styled by the person behind Shinee's signature looks, Ha Sang Beg.

Flipperinas: Amanda, Franchesca & Monika (from left-right)
Jah-Mei: Lorreta, Barbara & Aimee (from left to right)
Best Photo - Loup: Melissa, Gani & Celine (from left to right)
Fours: (left-right) KB, Rani, Tahlia & Kiana (eliminated)

Episode 3

On the 3rd episode, they finally faced the makeover part of this reality TV show. After their makeovers, they have to do a photo shoot where they have to pair their new hair styles with the beautiful diamonds from Temptations Jewelry.

Best Photo

Episode 4

At Manhattan Bar, the models met the Manhattan-based designer Peter Som for their photo shoot. They were tasked to do a romantic shoot with a male model which gave some girls the opportunity to show their modelling talent and some, their weak spots that caused the elimination of two (2) contestants.

Best Photo

Episode 5

A beautiful model is nothing with a bad smile. So for their 5th episode, their shoot was about a killer smile for Close-up Diamond Attraction Ad Campaign. Mike Rosenthal, who was their photographer for this shoot, gave the models the freedom to pose whatever they want just so they can blossom on their own. Unfortunately, one of our pride had to say good bye for her smile wasn't enough to convince the judges.

Best Photo

Episode 6

For this episode's photo shoot, it was all about styling which was headed by the fashion director of Zalora, Ms. Meghna Mistry. They were asked to model three different styles using Zalora products. The person who has the best photo will be chosen to be a part of Zalora's new campaign.

Episode 7

After the stressful shoot, no one was eliminated. Monika and Barbara were given another chance in the competition. In this photo shoot, models were just wearing underwear and were covered with body paint. With just 10 frames for Monika and Barbara, they have to deliver a great photo to convince the Mr. Glenn Tan, the executive director of Subaru, to get them as the new brand ambassador and to prove to the judges why they are and why they need to be in this competition.

Best Photo 

Episode 8

In this episode, the girls participated in an outdoor photo shoot with Indonesian singer/icon Andien Aisyah, which they were tasked to showcase their hair well while wearing the gorgeous creations of Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel in the busy streets of Singapore. 

Best Photo

Tonight, another exciting episode awaits us. With just 6 girls remaining, let's watch who is strong enough to make it to the top 5. Instead of updating this post after tonight's episode, I will create a new one. Link will be provided here for the second part of this round-up.


Which photo shoot did you like best?


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