Pepper Lunch in Glorietta

I was able to eat in Glorietta Food Choices (food court) this week because I stayed in Manila. They offer sizzling rice pepper meals.

I first tried their Beef Pepper Rice. At first, I thought it was not enough for me but it really took me a while to finish this big plate. Just so you know, I ordered an extra corn so there's so many corn in my plate.

I also tried this Chicken Pepper Rice but I prefer the beef. It's also tasty but I just didn't like the texture of the chicken. For me, it was quite dry.

But overall, I love their meals! I will definitely be going back there to try the others especially the salmon meal.

How I wish, they have a separate place than the food choice (food court) because it's so hard to find a seat and it's hard to dine if you're dining alone like me.

Here's a copy of Pepper Lunch's menu for those who want to check their price range and other meals:

Do you have a favorite place to eat in during lunch or dinner?
Share it with us below! :)


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