Who could be Marlon in Two Wives?

        I don't really watch teleserye and I don't watch Korean telenovelas that's why I'm not so familiar with the story of Two Wives.

The new teleserye in ABS-CBN is the Filipino adaptation of the Two Wives Korean telenovela. I've heard it's got a good story but never really watched an episode because I don't like watching dubbed scenes and as stated earlier, I'm not a fan of teleseryes.

But I got to watch the trailer of Two Wives and it really got me interested.

        I was particularly interested with the scene when it said that the mistress will become a wife and the wife will become the mistress. A twist of the story I would like to see for myself.
        It's just running for the second week and I've already seen different meme's or quotes from the scenes of this teleserye. And so far, the scenes are still interesting and fast. Hope it continues its pace.
        I must also recognize the good acting skills of the main characters. Not forgetting the other characters like Melai.
        Last Friday, in one of the scenes where Yvonne (Kaye Abad) was speaking with her parents, they mentioned she has a missing brother named Marlon and I have a strong feeling that it's Alex Medina.

        What do you think?

        Watch Two Wives in ABS-CBN and be updated with their story every 9:30 pm. I can't wait to watch the next scenes when Yvonne would finally know about Janine & Victor. Hehe.


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