TECHNOLOGY: Simple Blogger App

        I decided to be active again in my blog so I decided to download this blogger app from AppStore.

        Simple but at least I can post quick posts on my phone such as this. Hehe.

TIPS: Trash Talks.

        Oh I have received a lot and admittedly, I have said a couple of trash talks too. But really, what does it do? Does it improve your life? Does it make you happy? Because if it does, then you're one hell of a psycho.
        Trash talking is defined as insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate or humiliate someone. I know, I know. It's quite hard to NOT say anything that could eventually humiliate someone but can we stop with the excuses and just STOP. Really. JUST STOP.

        Again, let me ask you. What does it do to you and to the other person? Does talking about his or her flaws make you perfect? Clearly, it does not. It just gives you stress, annoyance and self-degradation.

        If you're someone who is being talked about by a couple of people, I think this is what you should just do.

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