READS: Candy Magazine July 2013

One of the reasons why I love Booksale bookstore is that they get the next issues of my favorite magazines.

The other day, as I was just walking my way out of SM, I passed Booksale Bookstore's magazine stand and I saw the July 2013 issue of Candy. 

I have been collecting Candy Magazine for who knows how long. Hehe. I lost track on how long I had been collecting this magazine up to this date, even if I'm no longer a teenager.

If you don't have the July 2013 issue of Candy, then grab one soon! These are my TOP favorite picks in the issue.
Love the tips here!

The vintage photo shoots were awesome!

Relateable Stories
Great write-up!
Frankly, this July issue is, for me so far, the best for this year because it consists of different articles and not much of advertisements. (I know, ironic since I'm an advertising graduate).

I remember a friend once asked me, "Why Candy? That's for teenagers! You should go for Cosmopolitan." I answered her saying... "Simply because I feel young with Candy.


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