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Since I love collecting different stuff and trash, the Storagegeek website became one of the blog I always, literally always, visit. They have different good stuff in there that you should see.

When I was in grade school, we were thought of doing different handy crafts and I was once hooked to this Australian kiddie channel wherein they create different crafts or house decorations out of used materials that can be found at home. From then on, I have been into craft making. Yeah, it doesn't look like it aye?

This is probably why my room looks like a junk shop. I collect things I can recycle to new stuff like pen holders, photo frames, and a lot more.

I suggest that if you have so many things in your room and that you're planning to buy a container to store all those stuff, why don't you visit blogs like Storage Geek so that you can save money and be unique.

Blogger-to-Facebook Autopost App

I was looking for an auto post application in Facebook wherein my bloggers posts automatically posts in my Facebook timeline as well. A good friend, Trina, suggested this... I haven't studied or observed the functionality of this application so we'll see how it goes...

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