BDJ Planner has finally arrived!

When I got home today, I received this package. I didn't expect it to be from Belle de Jour since last night, I tried to track my package and the status said something like it's being prepared or something like that. I was very surprised and I'm so delighted to have a hassle-free delivery of my planner.

I love the leather cover. I find it way better than the ones before. It looks more professional. And for a change, I chose this simple cover rather than the typical cover that has an image of a belle lady on it.

Looking through the pages, I find the spaces better than before. It looks spacious. The coupons are great and I cannot wait to plan my budget to be able to use some of the coupons.

Plus, I'm also happy to find this new section of Health and Fitness Plan. Finally, I can put my notes on almost everything on one book. Yey! Thanks BDJ team!

I also ordered this Save/To Do list and I find it very handy and cute. I feel like purchasing the others as well. I wonder how they look like inside?

I have been using Belle de Jour for how many years now and it helps me organize my agendas and errands every day. I will never get tired of using BDJ and I also can't wait to use my new BDJ card. ;)

To check out their products, click on the links below:


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