Recently, I have been a quitter. Don't bother asking why. I myself is not so sure why.

I quit from the JMA organization just this afternoon. My friend's thought it was just a joke. With all honesty, it is really fun being a part of JMA. Especially if you've got your peers there too. But there are still other people I had to work which, somehow, was the main reason why I had to quit.

I have no personal issues in any of them. There just came a point where I felt being degraded or rejected unintentionally. I felt that they didn't really need my help because there are other people in the organization that are better.
I just felt that I'm just an alternative to the organization. And I really have nothing against that. But not to the extent that my efforts would be easily ignored or forgotten. Like I don't deserve to be given the chance to actually do something for the org.

I have been emotional lately and I just hate it. I don't wanna stay in a group where I am made to feel unwanted, not worthy and useless. I hate feeling not being trusted by what I can do. I hate what I felt recently and leaving the org gives me peace of mind.

But I do thank @endlessblah for doing everything just for me to be a part of JMA. Thank you. And I hope, she understands why I had to leave.

We all have choices in life. Two of the most common is whether to stay or leave. I preferred the latter. Leaving isn't always a bad thing, especially if you think it's for the better and it's for yourself.


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